hey if you have google chrome and you have dyslexia or problems with reading comprehension, the dyslexie extension is really great and is also free in the chrome web store. it also has the option to make text larger or smaller, a+, do recommend

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buzzfeedlgbt reports on this amazing app:

The app’s website states it will take at least 6 to 12 months to effectively alter one’s voice. This video clip features an example “before and after” segment, having a user sample her “original” and “altered” voice:

As one user of the app put it: “Voice can be a real liability. There are definitely large parts of this country, even this state, where it’s dangerous to be trans. It can be a matter of life or death.”

At just $4.99, this app is a far more affordable option for users than visiting a vocal coach or speech pathologist. What a great resource!

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When you and the girls about to read a bitch


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Yh I’m creeped out by how Ariana Grande is sexualised and also made to look like a child simultaneously. Whoever is marketing her needs to stop it.

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freshmen advice: y’all know bout high school musical right?? well that shit is legit. better get practicing. everyday at lunch we go hard af. stick to the status quo.

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do you guys remember in 2012 the superwholocks were going to bomb the hipster tags on new years eve?? all i remember is something about spoons but it seemed like a totally sick idea back then. i remember being so excited about everyone flooding the starbucks tag with spoons. i was 14 and ready to own this website.


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I think the biggest problem with ts is that like… There’s loads of drama now and since everyone basically follows everyone else u can always see all of it happenin and atm the site isn’t bein worthwhile enough for me to put up with it lol….